Reliable front-end building blocks

Having just shipped a big “single-page app” project, I think it would be useful to list all of its dependencies among the current climate of dependency burnout in front-end land. Those were all very stable and easy to combine.

(Not) building custom e-commerce marketplaces

I think it’s now the third time I’ve had to think about the best approach to create new e-commerce marketplaces.

TL;DR; This is hard, and there is no go-to marketplace as a service yet. But there are alternative approaches.

Blurring the line between web and desktop apps

Two years ago, the folks at GitHub released a new text editor called Atom. They built it with web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As part of this project they released Electron, a framework to write cross-platform desktop applications with web technologies.

Projects like Atom and Electron changed the way we think about the frontier between desktop and web apps. Let’s consider what frameworks like Electron make possible.