Awesome Wagtail

Disclaimer: this blog post contains a high amount of unreserved enthusiasm about Wagtail and its community.

A few months ago I attended a Wagtail development sprint, hosted by team Lukkien in the Netherlands. This made me realise the breadth of jobs Wagtail is used for, some very different from what we do with it here at Springload. It prompted me to create Awesome Wagtail, a curated list of useful (well, awesome) resources from the Wagtail community. If you haven’t heard of “awesome-*” lists before, they’re a recent alternative to wikis for open-source communities to curate resources collaboratively. Some of the most popular lists range from Node.js to JMeter, with Pokémon in the mix, too!

In the spirit of such a list, let’s have a look at what the Wagtail community is up to.

The impact of open-source

This is not an opinion piece, just me realizing that people actually do use the stuff I put up on GitHub. And that my open-source contributions have real, tangible impact.

Waffle vs Trello

I am a big user of Trello. For todolists, waterfall projects, kanban boards, all the things. I particularly love its flexibility – there are a thousand ways to structure your work with it. This can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it though.

At Springload, we took one of the competing tools, Waffle, for a spin. Here are my notes.