The impact of open-source

This is not an opinion piece, just me realizing that people actually do use the stuff I put up on GitHub. And that my open-source contributions have real, tangible impact.

Waffle vs Trello

I am a big user of Trello. For todolists, waterfall projects, kanban boards, all the things. I particularly love its flexibility – there are a thousand ways to structure your work with it. This can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it though.

At Springload, we took one of the competing tools, Waffle, for a spin. Here are my notes.

Modern front-end architectures with React

One year ago, I was writing about my choice of React as a robust platform for advanced UI development. The JavaScript community has evolved a lot since then, but React still is one of the most mature UI frameworks out there and we do not see this changing for the foreseeable future. Today, let’s have a look into how we use it to build modern web applications.