Introducing thib.me

Here it is after a lot of commits: the new version of my personal website, thib.me! I’ve been working on it for some months and am really happy to release it.

Here are the most important changes with the reasoning behind them:

  • Now in English! — mandatory because I’m relocating to New Zealand.
  • Domain name changed to thib.me — shorter, better, stronger.
  • New somewhat flat design — just looks nice?
  • New content focused on my skills and projects — was desperatelly needed.

This new version is my attempt at giving useful information about myself — who I am, what I like to do, some projects. This information is very different from what can be found in this blog, and aimed at a different audience (HR people, my mom). I also find it very fun to take the time to tinker every little bit of the site.

Full list of what I tried to do / how I did it / with what tools:

I’m really proud of this new site and hope it’ll help me land a great job in New Zealand!