ES6 Quick Wins

I’m starting to use ES6 in all of my projects, and wanted to show my colleagues how easy it could be. Using tools like traceur in combination with a build setup (you should have one!), it is really easy to get started writing small parts of the code in ES6 syntax. Here’s the link to the presentation.

I voluntarily limited myself to the most basic parts of the new version, parts that are also present in server-side languages like Java or PHP:

  • Default parameters
  • Destructuring
  • Maps and Sets
  • Arrow functions

We also talked about the great power lying in a good front-end tooling, where adding support for ES6 syntax comes down to adding a single line into your build file.

By the way, in my talk I used a quote about how developers spend way more time reading code than writing. Here’s data to back it up.