The impact of open-source

This is not an opinion piece, just me realizing that people actually do use the stuff I put up on GitHub. And that my open-source contributions have real, tangible impact.

Today I changed my GitHub username from ThibWeb to thibaudcolas. I had been thinking about making the switch for a while, for a bunch of reasons, and GitHub was the last holdout: this username is all over the 100+ repositories I have contributed to. It was quite a long process to update it across all of the repositories I had available locally on my computer, but nothing off the charts (Sublime Text handles search+replace on thousands of files without sweating).

The real surprise came from this search on GitHub: https://github.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=ThibWeb. The search results are packed with mentions of my open-source contributions in various projects:

  • A bunch of people committing their smooth-scroll dependency – I wrote unit tests for this library a while ago, among other changes. Glad that helped!
  • This stronger-loop NodeSchool workshop which cites workshopper-mocha-boilerplate as an inspiration. Glad that helped too.
  • Mentions of the french translations for jQuery Validate I did a while ago.
  • And a lot of other things

… and here are four people who built their resume with the JSON resume theme Eloquent I made a few years ago, and that I used to apply to my current job at Springload:

  • https://omidreyhani.github.io/
  • https://luoxiaobatman.github.io/
  • https://guntherjh.github.io/
  • http://victorperin.ninja/resume/

Glad this helps too :)

PS: Wow! 106 PRs so far