The Eloquent JSON Resume theme

I just released something on npm! Actually, my resume theme (Eloquent) has been available in the npm repository for over a month, but now it just reached 1.0.0.

Here’s what it looks like:

Eloquent screenshot

I created this JSON Resume theme when I was looking for a new job. My aim was to make sure that I’d be able to deliver a full-lenght version of my resume if needed. I started by retrieving my LinkedIn data, and used the Elegant theme.

Here are features that are new compared to Elegant:

  • Mobile First theme.
  • Download your resume with a single click, in a single file.
  • Keep your resume offline if you want to: the theme is self-contained.
  • Obfuscates your email address and phone number from spam bots.
  • Gorgeous Open Sans web font.
  • Optimized for print and screen readers.
  • Contains Schema.org markup to make the most of your content.
  • All fields are optional, pick what you need!

IMHO it is much more important for a resume to look great than for a portfolio. The resume may be the first thing any recruiter will look at, and first impression matters. A lot. That’s why the theme is quite boring to look at — its most important feature is to make your content stand out.

Here’s the result on my own resume: thib.me/resume.