The Eloquent JSON Resume theme

I just released something on npm! Actually, my resume theme (Eloquent) has been available in the npm repository for over a month, but now it just reached 1.0.0.

Coast to coast walk

The Coast to Coast walk is a 16km hike across Auckland, from the Waitemata Harbour to the Manukau.

Built with GeoJSON, Leaflet, OpenStreetMap. Data from Auckland Transport.

One year of Open-source

The end of the year seems to be a good time to turn back and have a look at what those last 365 days were made of. I’ll keep my 9-to-5 job out of the picture (I quit!) and just focus on what happened around OSS/GitHub and my personal projects.

Python Koans Completed

I recently discovered the concept of programming Koans: series of TDD-style tutorials to learn parts of a programming language. I’ve been willing to get better at Python for a while and started doing Greg Malcolm’s Python Koans. After a few months of practice, I completed all of them and thought it’d be cool to share my take on the extra credit task.