My personal statement for the DSF Board nominations

Today I sent my application for the elections to the 2024 Django Software Foundation Board 😌

Here’s the personal statement I wrote, I’d love to hear what people think of it (particularly if you think I’m wrong):

To me, Django feels like it’s in maintenance mode, a decade behind in areas like front-end development and serverless. To stay relevant compared to projects with tens of millions in venture capital, we need a more vibrant, more diverse community. We can build one together by making the right programs happen, like Djangonaut Space and Outreachy.

The DSF also needs to evolve with the times. In the age of ChatGPT, copyright and trademarks are very dated concerns. We need a foundation that can help its community navigate modern societal challenges: social equity issues affecting our users; accessibility issues plaguing the Django web; climate change and Django’s carbon footprint.

I can help. Let’s grow Django’s contributors 10x, and have the Django universe lead by example in community-driven open source.