Front-end development podcasts

I’m an avid podcast listener. I usually listen to at least two hours of podcasts per day at work, plus some more while cooking. My commute is unfortunately too short for any podcast listening to happen.

Among those podcasts there are quite a few that are related to front-end development. Those are a gold mine in terms of keeping up with your craft because you get to hear interviews, conversations that go beyond the “new features in X announcements”.

Anyway. Here are a few that I particularly like and that deserve a shoutout:

  • JavaScript Jabber - Your Prototype for Great Code, one of my favourites.
  • TTL Podcast — The only podcast that’s really dedicated to front-end. And it’s amazing!
  • NodeUp - A Node.js podcast. Not front-end but very interesting nonetheless.
  • The Web Platform Podcast — Discovered that one more recently, very good guests.

And here are three other podcasts that I’ve started listening only very recently: