2021 web conferences accepting talks

Here is a small list of conferences I put together for 2021, as I was looking for speaking opportunities, with a particular focus on Europe and America. Hope this helps!

DjangoCon EU 2021

02-06 June 2021, remote. CFP under way, ending 2020-04-01 23h59 UTC.

Also looking for volunteers to help organise & run the event.

JSConf Budapest 2021

23-24 September 2021, Budapest. CFP under way, ending March 31th 2021.

DjangoCon US 2021

October 2021, remote. No CFP announced yet.

PyCon UK 2021

No date announced except for “2021”. Cardiff. No CFP announced yet.

Nordic JS 2021

October 2021, Stockholm. CFP under way, no deadline.


18-20 May 2021, Lyon, France. Looks like there might not be any CFP this year.

HalfStack London 2021

November 2021, London. CFP under way, no deadline.

HalfStack Phoenix 2022

January 2022, Phoenix. CFP under way, ending 15/09/2021.

HalfStack Newquay 2022

July 2022, Newquay (/ˈnjuːki/) (UK). CFP under way, no deadline.

HalfStack New York 2022

August 2022, New York. CFP under way, ending 30/04/2022.

HalfStack Vienna 2022

September 2022, Vienna. CFP under way, ending 31/05/2022.