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Code reviews – Getting started

What if I told you there is a simple technique to make your project run smoother, faster, and with fewer bugs 🤔. Better yet, it’s completely free, does not require much tooling, and any developer can learn to use it in a matter of minutes 😳. This is how good code reviews are, and why you should use them.

Learning Docker

A few weeks ago, I started a new job at Codemate (yay! More on that in a future post). Among many other things, this was the occasion for me to learn more about a technology I had been avoiding so far: Docker, and the whole concept of containerization. I usually prefer to focus on user-facing work, and leave sysadmin and ops to others – but I also have a sweet tooth for any and all automation, especially the type that can save developers time and headaches. It was definitely time to dive deep!

This blog post is my overview of the resources I looked at and the things I learned over the last few weeks.